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Air Dampers

Inertia Damper:

The Volume Control Damper is used to control air flow in air duct. This unit comes with complete manual quadrant. Volume Control Dampers can be manufactured with galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum and are suitable for the systems requiring air control, it is available to rectangular and round duct.

Back Draft Damper2.97.jpg
Back Draft Damper2.97.jpg

Explosion proof Back Draft Damper:

  • Non-return damper with linkage

  • Non-return damper with adjustable blade restrictor

Explosion B.D.Dumper6.94.jpg
Explosion B.D.Dumper5.93.jpg

Smoke Vent:

  • With fusible link

  • With linear actuator

Smoke vent single leaf2.46.jpg
Smoke vent single leaf4.50.jpg
S.V 9.42.jpg

Fire & Smoke Damper:

  • Curtain Fire Damper.

(Rectangular & Round CFD)

  • Motorized Smoke Fire Dampers.

(Rectangular & Round MSFD)

  • Motorized Smoke Dampers.

(Rectangular & Round MSD)

  • Motorized Fire Dampers.

(Rectangular & Round MFD)

Motorized fire damper.106.jpg
Curtain Fire Damper.103.jpg
Motorized Smoke Damper2.108.jpg

Volume Control Dampers:

Volume Damper.113.jpg
Round volume Damper.64.jpg
GI Double Skin Volume Damper.63.jpg
galvanized volume damper.62.jpg

Variable Air Volume:

  • Constant Air Volume

  • Variable Air Volume

    • Basic air terminal variable air volume

    • Basic air terminal variable air volume with sound attenuator

    • Basic air terminal variable air volume with electric heater


Fan Coil:

  • Fan coil units are available in ten sizes with airflow capacity ranging from 110 to 2700 m3/h. The ceiling concealed unit is suitable for external static pressures
    of up to 60 Pa.

Fan Coil 400..82.jpg
Fan Coil 400.81.jpg

Cable Tray Systems:

  • Cable tray systems are support structures for organizing and protecting electrical cables, available in various types like Tray, Trunk, and Ladder.

    • Cable trays are open-bottomed structures, offering easy access for cable laying and maintenance.

    • Trunking provides solid enclosure for cables, ensuring higher levels of protection.

    • Ladder racks consist of rails with crossbars, facilitating overhead cable routing.

Ladder Carrier-500x500.jpg

Fire Cabins:

  • Rooms strategically placed within a building or facility for firefighting purposes. These cabins may house fire extinguishers, firefighting equipment, or serve as control points for fire suppression systems. Fire cabins are designed to provide quick access to necessary tools and resources in the event of a fire emergency, allowing responders to contain or extinguish fires effectively. They are an essential part of fire safety measures in buildings and industrial sites, helping to minimize damage and ensure the safety of occupants.

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