Air Outlets

We have a wide Range of distributers elements that matching with all Architecture requirements, personal comfort and achieving the desired sound levels.

Air Diffusers:

Square and Round Ceiling Diffusers.

Designed for ceiling applications. it can be used for supply or extract air with the required accessories.

The diffusers have fixed and straight blades

  1. Way Throws Patterns.

  2. Inner Section Easily Removable Locks In Place without The Use Of Tools

  3. Available In Square, Rectangular Round Necks

  4. Standard Finish – Anodized Electrostatic coating.

Jet Diffusers.

specially designed for long throw applications such as Sports Halls and Mosques.

One box an contain up to 6 elements with 12” Diameter or 4 elements with 14” Diameter with delivering air at throw reach to 60 m.

Eye Ball Diffusers.

excellent choice when you need to throw supply air over a large distance into the occupied zone, particularly when ceiling diffusers are simply too high/impractical to mount. The Diffuser has a characteristic “EYEBALL” which can be moved in different directions to provide a very wide range of movement from the side wall. The pivoting movement of the Eyeball is  +/- 30° .

Linear Slot Diffusers.

designed to combine a high air change rate capacity with maximum flexibility in air pattern and volume control and is suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications.

Disc Valve Diffusers.

used as an alternative to ceiling diffuser. They are most commonly used for the purpose of ventilation. The air flow through the disk valve can be adjusted by rotating the disc clockwise or anticlockwise.

Perforated Ceiling Diffusers.

The Perforated Air Grille combines a inner core of perforated aluminum or stainless steel sheet surround with a frame. This Diffuser has a free area of approximately (16% : 50% ) which makes it extremely effective in all air function specially for clean room applications.

Swirl Diffusers.

can create better air mixing to enhance indoor air quality and help achieve compliance through Air Change Effectiveness measure. Swirling vanes are used in air diffusers to create swirling outflow jet, so that more rapid mixing with ambient air can be achieved.

Air Grilles:

Linear Bar Grilles  (Different deflection angels)

good appearance and flexibility. They are suitable specially designed for ceiling or side wall mounted, found also mitered and curved section with different bar thickness and spacing also with different deflection angles .

Door Grilles.

used in any heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). It can be used as transfer grilles for walls and partition openings and its architectural finish is eye catching. They are used in dark rooms where light sensitivity is critical.

Transferer Grilles.

installed in the wall or above the door to connect the closed room with an open space such as a hallway or living room, thereby providing an additional pathway for stale air to reach the centrally located return

Raised Floor Gride.

Improves operational efficiency and allows greater flexibility in the arrangement of equipment. Permits the space between the two floors to be used to supply cooling air to the equipment or area. Allows for future layout change with minimum reconstruction cost. Specially used in Data Center Rooms.

Air Louvers:

Fresh Air Louvers (Sand Trap)

prevents the sand from entering the air intake unit or equipment rooms, thus avoiding a damage to the moving parts of the equipment and clogging the filters often.

Supply or Exhaust Louvers.

a device consisting of multiple blades that permits the flow of air, but inhibits the entrance of water, rain, sand, and other unwanted materials.

Special Decorative Air outlets:

It Is non Standard Air Outlets  made by using CNC cutting machines to produce certain shape after calculating the free area to check the velocity and noise.