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Duct Works

Used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air. The needed airflows include, for example, supply air, return air, and exhaust air.[1] Ducts commonly also deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. As such, air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort.

Galvanized Steel Ducts:

Using Galvanized steel Sheets, Supply and manufacturing the rectangular galvanized steel sheet metal duct works. Thickness ( 0.7 to 1.5 mm ) and 275, 300 and 330 g/m2 Galvanization. According to SMACNA standard and Project specifications Using Latest CNC Full Auto Lines for the following duct types:

  • Rectangular Ducts

  • Spiral Round Ducts

  • Longitudinal Seam Round Ducts

Duct Accessories:

To connect each item to other in the galvanized steel ducting system, there are many connecting types to insure no leakage and suitable reinforcement to each size according to SMACNA Standard and Project Specifications.

We have many types for the connection such as the following accessories:

  • TDC-35 , TDC-40 Flanges.

  • TDC-35 , TDC-40 Corners.

  • G-Clamps With Bolts.

  • TDF Corners.

  • C-Clamps.

  • Slide and Drives.

  • L Angels and Z shape for Internal Lining Application.

Black Steel Welded Ducts:

Using Cold or Hot Rolled Coils Sheet metal with Thickness Range (1.5 to 5 mm ) in high temperature applications as Smoke and kitchen ventilation applications for the following duct types:

  • Rectangular Flanged Ducts

  • Round Flanged Ducts

Stainless Steel Ducts:

Stainless steel ducting is recommended for ventilation systems installed in humid or hot environments also used in medical applications to minimize bacteria growth

Longitudinal Seam Or Argon Welded for the following duct types:

  • Rectangular SS Ducts

  • Round SS Ducts

Aluminum Jacketing:

Aluminum Jacketing plays a vital part and is an ineliminable protective layer for mechanical insulation systems including pipes, Ducts, and equipment in all exposed areas prone to mechanical damage. It protects the insulation and underlying pipe/ducts from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water.

Aluminum jacketing commonly known as cladding which is available in smooth; stucco embossed, and corrugated.