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Sound Attenuators

Cross Talk Attenuators:

Cross Talk Silencers are designed to maintain sound transmission ratings in low velocity air transfer between adjoining spaces. The acoustic baffles provide excellent attenuation of speech and unwanted noise while permitting fresh air to circulate continuously. Available for a variety of applications, including ducts, walls, ceilings, and doors.)

  • Z Type Cross Talk

  • L Type Cross Talk

  • U Type Cross Talk

Sound Attenuators:

A sound attenuator, or duct silencer is a noise control acoustical treatment of Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) ductwork designed to reduce transmission of noise through the ductwork, either from equipment into occupied spaces in a building.

A sound attenuator consists of a baffle within the ductwork. These baffles often contain sound-absorbing materials. The physical dimensions and baffle configuration of sound attenuators are selected to attenuate a specific range of frequencies. Available in the following shapes:

  • Rectangular.

  • Round.

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