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Specialist So We Innovate!


Castle Engineering Industries has been established in Abu Rawash Industrial Zone, Giza, Egypt

With a specialization in HVAC systems. With over two decades of professional management, the Castle team has utilized its extensive experience to provide exceptional operational expertise to the Egyptian market. Collaborative agreements with prominent contractors have facilitated Castle in supplying ductworks and accessories like flexible duct connectors..., air outlets, dampers, sound attenuators, variable air volume systems, fan coils, garbage chutes, and cable tray systems for some of Egypt's most significant projects, all executed with precision. Over time, Castle has consistently met market demands and gained widespread recognition.


Castle Is an ISO (IGC) Certified Company (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018) following the HS&E Regulations, implementing its own Policies.

Castle production has been approved by IGC (Institute of Global Certification), as well as by the major International Consultants, since its method of manufacturing complies with the International Standards, such as SMACNA and DW144, with their latest versions, since its production line meets its Standards & Regulations.

Castle proudly gathers the most expertise and highly motivated staff; it currently consists of One Hundred professional employees, skilled manpower; and yet is consistently seeking to grow its family, concurrently retaining the same level of performance and professionalism.


Our Factory

A mass area consisting of an office Building

A Workshop occupying an Large Area, equipped with the most Advanced, Sophisticated and Computerized Machines, a large Warehouse for the storage of the fabricated products. The latest Technology of CNC machines utilized in Castle Factory, increases the Speed and the Capacity of Production, which makes Castle distinctive and superior.

As the premier manufacturer of HVAC systems in Egypt, our mission is to consistently improve our production capacity to manage the most extensive ongoing and upcoming projects in the country. We are committed to providing outstanding services and promptly achieving the highest quality fabrication, exceeding customer expectations to ensure successful project completion within deadlines.


Our Vision

Our distinct future vision is based on our teamwork goals and the target that we are focusing on to become the Number 1 Manufacturer within the few coming years, we intend to expand our Products Range that are all Made in Egypt the Industrial Sector with the most competitive quality, price and execution.


1- Integrity

To have a work ethic, honesty and transparency.

2 - Meet customers' requirements

Offer the customer a product at the lowest cost and highest quality.

Provide the customer with fast and accurate engineering solutions.

3- Responsibility and commitment

Commitment to delivery dates agreed with customers.

Make sure you achieve the principle of equality and promote values of humility and respect for others.

4- Innovation

Continuous work to develop and improve the quality of products and the adoption

of international standards.

Work on inventing manufacturing methods that save time and effort

on the human factor as it saves on the consumption of raw materials

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Why is Castle the professional choice for supplying your projects?

  1. Higher quality at the best price.

  2. We feature fully automated CNC Auto lines.

  3. We utilize the latest technologies and techniques in the industry.

  4. We have excellent, powerful, and skilled technical office management.

  5. Manufacturing according to standards and project specifications.

  6. Satisfying all consultant's requirements.

  7. We provide 12-hour technical support to our projects daily


is Authorized distributor for FOCUS & PRIME Air Conditioning Industries LLC, Dubai. For supply ( Aerovac® Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Air Outlets, VAV, Lti Fans, Cryflex® flexible Duct and flexible connector ).



Prime Air Conditioning Industries LLC is amongst the leading manufacturers in the GCC for the variety of HVAC products for more than a decade. Prime AJC products are designed, configured and manufactured using top-notch sheet metal & joinery equipment Moreover, Prime AIC complies with the globally certified Quality Management System (TQM) secured procedures as well as HVAC industry related technical accreditations.

Our substantial manufacturing facility is located at the prime UAE Industrial Parks i.e. Dubai Investments Park (DIP, Dubai) with shorter logistic routes to Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Our advancing market presence in GCC, India and central Asia has flourished through our developed logistics network and an expertise to meet customer requirements.



Focus air conditioning industries has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) field. Along with our group of companies, we pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service and being a “one stop shop” for all your HVAC Air Distribution Network and Accessories. Our growth has allowed us to establish our presence in more than 20 different geographies such as the Middle East, Asia and Africa along with offices across the Gulf Co-operative Council (GCC).

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